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Welcome to my Longarm patterns website.



I need to work on keeping this website alive but time is my biggest problem.


If you are interested in Art & Stitch or Pre-Design Studio please go to


www.artandstitch.com or www.PreDesginStudio.com  for more information.


For Art & Stitch designs you can also visit my blogspot http://longarmpatterns.blogspot.com


ANS-format is the result of working with Art & Stitch, our full digitizing software for embroiderers and longarm quilters. ANS-files can be opened, modified in Art & Stitch and then saved in all major embroidery and quilt formats.


PRE-format is the result of working with Pre-Design Studio III, our easy vector drawing program for embroiderers and longarm quilters. Pre-files can be opened, modified and saved in Pre-Design Studio III in the following formats: PEM, DST, DXF, ABM Innova (*pat), CompuQuilter (*cq), Handi Quilter (*hqf), PCQuilter (*txt), QBOT (*plt) and SideSaddle (*ssd)




July 21, 2011


For more information about our two drawing programs  Art & Stitch and/or Pre-Design Studio, click on the images. You will be amazed!